Welcome to PawPadz- Corner!
       **********A Petz Website*************

"Purr,Meow - Welcome to PawPadz-Corner,Meeeeow!"
                                                      -Chazznir,Cessai, Dishaa - 
Just as my beloved little cat family said:
Welcome to my little page dedicated to the old but great PC-game,Petz!

Here I will post anything Petz related,be it adoptions of petz I have bred &raised,
as well my own made breedz! Chazznir,Cessai(both are Gen3) and theyre little daughter Dishaa (Gen4)  is a family of my cat breed known as
 Fluffzee and they are purebred - so are Chill and Bushiri as well. They happen to be one of my favs - alltought Im not sure if Im willing to part with just them,but I surely have other up for adoption!
The fluffzee breed is found on my Breedz page for download along with other breedz I made. 

I hope I will be able to make this site enjoyable for everyone,as

well hope there will be more Petz players who will find my breedz & adoption fun to play with!


                Please feel free and have a look around at my page!

       My little cat family along with Chill (blue&white)
     along with Bushiri ( white,pink,purple & is Chazznirr's father)
         that is visible here will enjoy  your'e stay too as well!

​                                           - CyberPetLove -