About Me & Contact
About me..

​I'm known as CybetPetLover in the Petz Community.
The Avatar I use in the Petz community is 
 of my sweet little female Popple pet (I think was a high gen).
By the way,the  Popple breed was made by ECRose,
You can find her cool site with lots of neat petz stuff on my Linkz page!
I am better known as Norngirl (the PMN)  in the Creatures

   Community,as I been around longer and made lots of things.
     I am called Michy by friends and family.

​In general I am a girl who love PC/Videogames
 that range in wide game genres.
But one of those are Virtual/sim pet games,of course!
Oddballz,Petz Creatures,The sims (I know theyre people,
​but hey! You do create and take care of them too!
All of them did I grew up with and adore still!

​Games like that is uniq on it's own kind in that way you 
raise and nurture something that you will see grow and learn from you.
I think it's also cool to see what you get when you crossbreed,
so I like to mix a lot! (that goes for Creatures and Petz).
I also love real animals too and have dogs and a cat at home.

I also like to be creative and love art as well make my own things!
I think it's great with  games that allow costume made content,for me being creative,  it's just fun to make my own stuff 
for games I love!

I also like to draw a lot and I am open for Art Trades,
if anyone would be interessted they can check my DeviantArt page
trough the link button I made on my Linkz page.

I wanted to make a Petz themed site since long now to be able to
mainly share my petz breedz I done. I do know my breedz is
maybe not one of the best looking,but it is something at least
and personaly,I use a lot my Neyowz and Fluffzee in my various mixes
​because theyre colorful and make  different looks that I like!
I only manage to do a (not so good) Creature site,but I blame that on google site for not have the drag & drop features this sitebuilder have.

Anyhow,this is my first time doing a site with a free site builder,
and so far I think it's fun and like the way I can customise it
with my own images,my own made backgrounds etc!

I am also still learning as I add and edit,so hopefuly
​the site is not too bad for being a newbie.
(Alltought I know this page is not so nice as the other pages..)

Oh and yeah,if you have questions or if anything is broken ect,
​Anything in general! You can contact me via the E-mail form down here!

                                  - CyberLovePet-

You can Contact me here: