Adoptionz - Adopt one of my sweetheartz!
This is where I upload some various catz/dogz petz I have raised and bred.
Hopefully there will be someone interessting up for grabs.
All of my adoptions are  all Petz 5 (Catz& Dogz 5) !

My adoption downloads will be staying here for everyone to hae a chance to adopt from me.
The idea by adopting out to one single person and then ever be able to be re-downloaded by
another might be a  uniq and realistic idea,but I rather stick with what I am used to  in the 
Creature Community - Keep the Adoption downloadable for everyone!

I will list generation and what breedz they are mixed with,
as you might need to grab additional  breedz that is necessery for each pet
 to be able to see them propely and to make them work at all in the game as well!

                                                                                        Happy Adopting!
  - CyberPetLove -