Petz Breedz Created by Me!
Here you will find breedz made by me.
  • They are all made in Pet Workshop (small changes made in LNZ Pro).
  • They are  Non-OW (No OverWrites).
  • They are Unibreed (Should work for all Petz Games)

They are listed in no specific order - old and new will be found here alike.
I will add more if I have done more breedz.

This is one of my Breedz for petz.  It is a Cat breed.
This cutie is my own creation and is called Caflaxus and is a cat & bat like creature.
The image on the right was the original Caflaxus that I made many years back,but sadly lost it.
It was more fuzzy and brown in coloration.
At the year of 2012,did I finaly decide to re-create it from scratch. 
So now it can be finaly enjoyed once again! The new image gallery shows both baby and adult.
Just click the button to download it and enjoy -Should be Unibreed now!- !
Don't forget to read the Read Me!

Another Cat breed that got lost that I had to re-create from scratch.
This feline little guys is called Fluffzee (former known as Fluffz).
The picture to the right shows how the original looked like.
The newer looks much better now and comes in different
colors: Grey with Pink,Grey with Blue,White with Purple
and White with Orange.Each have different nose color,too!
​All of them have Neon green eyes.
The new image shows both kittens and adults.
Click the download button to download them and
make sure you read the ReadMe text too!

Download Fluffzee
I made this breed at the year 2012.This breed is known as Neyows and this along with my other cat breed, Fluffzee,became my own personal fav to mix breed with,as I think mixing them with other cat breedz make the offpsrings often neat looking in my opinion.
This catz comes in 3 different colors: Pink,Purple and Blue.
There exist variation with or without the orange knee marks.
They also come in 2 different eye color sets: Neon green and Blue.
Hopefully this cuties will be enjoyed by others than just me alone!
The picture shows kittens and adults alike.
Download them Click on the Download button to get them!
Oh and please do read the Read me!

I made this breed many years ago,when I first started to try make petz breedz. This is one of the very first breedz,but it still look cute and uniq enough for other people to adopt,raise and breed it.

It is known as Yubbish Ryuu Neko
(Ryuu= Dragon and Neko=Cat,in Japanese) and is supposed to
be a fantasy medium sized Asian crested dragon cat pet

and is my own creation.As allways,the picture shows kitten and
adult as well all the color variations you can get.
They appear in 3 different colors.

Download them by simply Click on the Download button to get them!
Make sure to read the Read me!

This is Dragle.
I made this breed many years ago,when I first started to try make petz
breedz and was my very first dog breed!
It also was my first test to try out my own textures.

it was supposed to be some kind of dragon...
But to me nowdays,I see it more like a dragon/horse thing
that barks.
I am not very proud of this thing,but it isn't too ugly either..
so, I thought perhaps someone might like to try it out.
Maybe it make some nice mixes,who knows?

Download via Click on the Download button - Should be Unibreed now!
Don't forget to read the Read me!


This was my second made breed I made
for many years back,Dragle being the first.

This dog breed is based on my fav character/pet Boogle from
the very old Sierra PC game:Torin's Passage.
You can see the real Boogle and my dogz breed take of him
Adult and puppy shown alike.

I Just adore Boogle! From it's
cute looks,cute colors and cute sounds!
I just had to make him into a breed to have my own Boogle!

I know Boogle is sort of a mix of dog and cat in behaviour,
But decide Dog base would do!
It may not be perfect,but as close as I could back then.
Still it looks pretty close,for being old.

This Breed was going to be my test subject for
changingit's voice/sound from dog barks to
Boogles "Bwarks,But never got around to truly try.
I still have my own Boogle sounds I got from my copy of the game.
Hopefully I will be able to release a version where he
will Bwark instead of bark at some point.

For now,I hope you will still enjoy a normal dog barking Boogle!
This breed comes in only one variation:
Boogles typical green,magenta and light pink color
​with greyblack eyes (coloring the eyes pitchblack just simply didn't do!)

Download trough Download button!
Check the Readme too,please!

Another very old cat breed (actually Breed s) I made and again Not based on my own creation, it's based on well known Videogame/Anime Digimon: Digital Monsters,Gatomon and Blackgatomon.

You can see the original Gatomon & Blackgatomon
​along with my old breeds of them-kittens and adults.

This two sets of feline monsters is two seperate breeds and
was one of the newbie breeds I made,but thought I might as 
well upload them here *shrugs*.

I might make a newer version perhaps that might look more accurate.
But this one is as cute and petz like cat it goes,so that is not that bad.

This pack comes with 2 sets of version of them
All is explained in my ReadMe,so please do read it!

​Download by click the button to get them!

Gatomon & BlackGatomon
Old breed creation made by me in 2012,wich got lost. 
The old Originalcan be Seen in the picture
along with the new remade one.
Yep,I recreated them,so here they are again!

They have slight changes compared to the old original:
New textures
New set of 3 dolphin like fins on back up to head.
Eartips and cheek outgrowth have soft glow orbs.
Other than that,they are pretty same Sea dwelling feline creature.
They have blue eyes and comes in only one variation.
More is explained about them In the Read Me!

​Download by simply click the button to get them!

A brand new 2017 made breed I made today!
(Er..yesterday as my clock allready hit 00:00)
Anyhow! Theres a image showing
off of this pretty new breedz of felinez!

This breed of catz are called Splitzy!
Comes only in this pretty color and look!
If interessted in this little darlings,then
feel free to Download them,Read More about them and,
of course,try them out!
How? Weeeell,you simply just go and
click that button to get them!

Another remade breed that I could not find.
The image above show the new and one
single old picture (TinyCaflaxus,as it was called then).
Don't think Caflaxus is enough for the Halloween?
You prefer something more tiny and cuter?
Prefer better the purple and yellow togheter for Halloween?
Or you simply like it's cute bucktooth better?
For whatever reason it may be,The tiny Cousines of
Caflaxus is here for you to adopt!
You can get your'e own by clicking the button ;3
Oh and yes - The ReadMe is handy,too!