"Puuuurrr,Welcome to the News section,meooow!"


        My sweetheart,Yellona and I welcome you to my little News section!
Her sweet brother Natzee and the adoreable  twin brothers Tiffu& Taffu
                          joined here as well to keep us company!

     Note: Theyre a mix of my Fluffzee breed and Ghostbunny's EnglishSpotRabbit
                   Her wonderful Bunny breed along with other neat ones is
                    found on her site Petal Dust Petz site on my Linkz page

  Here I will Keep breif updates on what is new added on the site.

     2017 April 24 - The site is up!
Yay my first entry!
​I been on and off editing this sites in days now
and think it is time it is getting published!

Im sure there is a lot more to fix,
but hopefuly I managed to fi​x most things I could find.

As for spelling and typo errors -
don't mind them much!
I am human being and
do things wrong now and then,too!
So if there is any,I will try my best to fix them up.

Anyhow,other than that - Hope you will enjoy
my new  Petz site:

EDIT ! I will make some small updates,
Many Thanks to CatCreature over at the Petz forum kindly pointed out to
me some small things
(edit right instead of left on Caflaxus & Fluffzee

breeds discreption, and change caflaxus & Dragle   to proper unibreed,just have to get more feedback
from people if they also experience that
those only work in Petz 5.

Please come back and check what have been updated!
* fixed the "left" to right text.
* Fixed proper Unibreedz of Caflaxus&Dragle!


2017 May 6 - Added one new Cat breed!
Sorry for the lack of updates!
Im still around and making new things for Petz:
One more Cat based breed is uploaded: Seiusha.
And More will come,please be paient!

I mightupload something in Adoptions as well,
Just have a hard time to organize it,but
​sooner or later there will be some adoptions!


2017 May 9 -Added one new Cat breed!
Another Update,Another New breed made today
(actually yesterdya,but the clock hit 00:00,so..)
And the new made breed is a Cat based one and
is called Splitzy! Can find it on the Breedz section!

2017 May 12 - Added one new Cat breed!

Yet Another Update,and another breed uploaded!
It's another of something old I had but can't find.
The Minicaflaxus is now in the Breedz section!